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Adele also wants Trump to stop using her music, has yet to comment on Huckabee

"Rolling In The Deep" music video

The list of musicians who don’t want Donald Trump to use their music continues to grow, to the point where they could all get together and put on a pretty interesting anti-Trump festival of some sort. Neil Young could play first, followed by R.E.M., then Aerosmith (even though they’d probably just stump for Ted Cruz or whatever), and then Adele—the newest member of the club—can take the stage and belt out some emotional ballads about how her exes and Trump can all go to hell.

This news about Adele’s opinion of Trump comes from The BBC, and though she doesn’t explicitly say that she hates him, a statement from her spokesman says that Adele “has not given permission for her music to be used for any political campaigning.” Apparently, Trump has been using Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” as his “warm-up” music to get pumped before campaign events, even though that seems like a really weird choice for him. The BBC says Trump is a fan of Adele in general, and has reportedly seen her perform in New York.


Adele has actually been pretty popular with unlikable politicians lately, with a Mike Huckabee parodying Adele’s “Hello” on YouTube a few days ago. It has since been taken down, but our fond memories of it will live on. Maybe Trump can just record his own version of “Rolling In The Deep” that he can play before rallies? Assuming he releases it as a single so we can all “enjoy” it, that seems like the best way to fix this problem.

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