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Adding Strong Bad takes “Uptown Funk” to the limit

Barring anything Drake or Kanye West might release in the next 24 hours, Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk” is the song of early 2015. Appropriately brassy and classic, Ronson’s track provides a good base for all sorts of vocal accompaniment. While Bruno Mars is on the original, but the track also works as the beat an Action Bronson freestyle, for instance. And now Tumblr user Ben Kling has done the Lord’s work and mashed together Ronson’s beats and Homestar Runner hero/villain Strong Bad’s magnum opus “Everybody To The Limit.” They fit seamlessly together, of course, and the cartoon Luchador provides a kind of badass levity to Ronson’s track that, until now, we had no idea it so direly required.


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