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Most reactions to the Terminator: Genisys trailer were cautiously optimistic. Not enough to forgive that mind-numbing subtitle, but still people were generally intrigued by what appears to be a return to form after two lesser sequels to James Cameron’s first two entries. So how could anyone improve on that? By adding a satirical folk song about the robot uprising by Flight Of The Conchords, New Zealand’s pre-eminent folk music comedy duo? Duh.


Fanpup has replaced the original sound of the trailer for Alan Taylor’s film with the Conchords’ “Robots.” Even though it only synchs up occasionally, the mash-up suggests that Terminator’s future wouldn’t be the worst dystopia if Skynet began blasting such hits as “Too Many Dicks On The Dancefloor” whilst committing mass genocide. The video was edited by Robert Speewack Bojorquez, who is able to draw parallels between the confusing continuity of this film series with the Conchords’ robots inconsistencies on when to use “affirmative” versus “yes.” In any case, expect more of these mash-ups to unfold as time marches on—Bush’s “Machinehead,” Andrew Thompson’s “We’re In Business,” Marina And The Diamonds’ “I Am Not A Robot,” and the obligatory “Mr. Roboto” by Styx.

Perhaps it’s time we just let the machines win already.

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