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Adaptation of Philip K. Dick's Martian Time-Slip set to capitalize on Mars movie boom

Joining those recently announced adaptations of Ubik and The Man In The High Castle in the ever-growing lineage of Philip K. Dick adaptations, a big-screen version of Dick’s 1964 science-fiction novel Martian Time-Slip is in the works. As reported by Deadline, Pariah director Dee Rees will be helming the project, whose story revolves around an autistic young man in a Martian colony who perceives reality in such a way that allows him to see time itself from a variety of angles, and thus assemble the single, ideal version of Blade Runner in his mind's eye and consequently lecture you about it at a sci-fi convention.

As for the commercial viability of such a film, what with its futuristic setting and colonial themes and preternaturally gifted boy protagonist: It’s hard to say, as Dick was not fortunate enough to be a raging racist and homophobe. But hey, at least it has Mars going for it.


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