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Adam West’s unaired episode of Powerless is now on YouTube

Powerless (Photo: NBC/DC Entertainment)

When NBC canceled its superhero comedy series Powerless earlier this year, it took with it one of the final screen performances from iconic TV actor Adam West, spoofing his Batman role by playing Wayne Enterprises executive Dean West in an unaired episode. Now, DC and NBC have paid tribute to West by posting the entirety of “Win, Luthor, Draw” online, via YouTube.

Clearly enjoying himself, West seems game as ever to mock his own public persona, making a “Catwoman” joke at Vanessa Hudgens’ expense, and giving a couple of portentous, alliterative monologues to the camera. The rest of the episode is pretty good, too—by Powerless’ decidedly mixed standards, anyway—as the show’s cast attempts to fit in with the corporate culture of rival LexCorp, complete with Alan Tudyk’s Van shaving himself bald in a misguided effort to fit in.


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