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Adam Scott to host new game show about the joys of not doing shit

Photo: Jason LaVeris (Getty Images)

Let’s be honest with each other for a second here, folks: Is there anything better than not doing shit? Canceling plans, staying in, bailing, ghosting, etc.—“Fuck it, let’s stay home” is the siren song of a generation, with “going out and doing stuff” just the latest industry that all those dang millennials are ruining. And so it was with eager interest that we learned that the ever-charming Adam Scott was not only getting into the game show, uh, game, but that his new ABC series would be centered on the glories of holy inactivity.

Admittedly, Scott’s new series Don’t does sound a little more active than we might have liked; instead of laying, insensate, in their beds, as a mechanical rotisserie gently saves them from bedsores, the show’s contestants will instead be tasked with non-activities like “Don’t laugh” or “Don’t blink.” (We would also have accepted “Don’t think about things going wrong don’t think about things going wrong oh Christ in heaven please don’t think about things going wrong,” but that might just be the anxiety disorder talking.) For his part, Scott—who’s the second Good Place alum in recent months to get his own competition series, after Jameela Jamil’s new TBS show The Misery Index—seems pretty upbeat about the whole thing; as quoted by THR, he responded to the news with a suitably pithy “I’m very excited to be the host of ABC’s new game show Don’t. As a fan of both ‘games’ and ‘shows,’ I feel we may be onto something here.” 


Anyway, Scott’s new show has absolutely nothing to do with this fake trailer from Grindhouse, but it’s Friday night and we like it, so it’s not like anyone can stop us from sticking it here:

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