With the suddenly choosy John Cusack refusing to reprise his role as one of its biggest ’80s in-jokes, the previously announced sequel to Hot Tub Time Machine has been forced to find a new everyman who can comically convey exasperation with his wackier cohorts. Now The Wrap suggests that this everyman may well be Adam Scott, who’s reportedly in early negotiations to take the role that Jason Bateman somehow has not considered and turned down already, or at least didn’t tell anyone that he did. Anyway, reassuring all who were worried that Hot Tub Time Machine 2 might sully the internal logic of the franchise, the Party Down and Parks And Recreation star will not be replacing Cusack, but would rather be “an entirely new leading man” whose own unimproved-by-time-travel life story could explain why these guys would want to get back into their magic hot tub in the first place. Either that, or Hot Tub Time Machine 2 involves Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry, and Clark Duke reminiscing about that time they traveled to the ’80s in a hot tub, as Adam Scott looks on with a deadpan expression that conveys how stupid this all sounds. (Or this could also just be an elaborate plot to get Adam Scott and Lizzy Caplan back together in a hot tub.)