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Adam Scott is paranoid and Tracy Morgan is the devil in two new Twilight Zone teasers

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We’re roughly a week away from the premiere of Jordan Peele’s The Twilight Zone, which brings with a host of big-name talent, from Seth Rogen and Steven Yeun to Adam Scott and Kumail Nanjiani. Catch the last two in a pair of brand new teasers, which serve as previews for both the much-discussed reboot of “Nightmare At 30,000 Feet” and what looks to be a new story (we think), “The Comedian.”


The former stars Scott as a terrified airplane passenger who sees a monster on the wing in mid-flight. We don’t get as good a look at that creature as we did in the series’ official trailer, but we do get a look at Scott’s paranoia, which runs wild in the cabin as a fellow flier played by Chris Diamantopoulos spews some not-so-helpful shit in his ear. “Right now we’re up 30,000 feet where no human was meant to be,” he says. “Just the fact that we’re in this plane means anything is possible.” Jesus, shut up, man.

Check that teaser out below.

Then there’s “The Comedian,” which features the all-too-familiar premise of a struggling artist selling some version of his soul in exchange for success. Kumail Nanjiani is that artist, while Tracy Morgan, here slipping into a menacing patter that fits him surprisingly well, plays, well, the Devil? We are on board.

The Twilight Zone premieres on April 1.

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