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Adam Scott celebrates Star Wars Day with Mark Hamill

Screenshot: Jimmy Kimmel Live!/YouTube

Another Friday, another opportunity to look back on another rotten week. At least Star Wars Day provided us with some much needed joy, assuming you were among the millions who observed May the 4th. But Adam Scott’s celebration probably has yours beat by a light year—he got to hang out with Mark Hamill and Kristen Bell on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night.

Scott, a lifelong Star Wars fan, is in the middle of telling Bell—who’s helping fill in for Kimmel this week—about inviting Hamill to his second birthday party, when John Williams’ famous theme song begins to drown out the adorable anecdote. The Big Little Lies and Parks And Recreation star is near tears when Hamill makes his way onstage, presenting him with (presumably) his very own lightsaber. It’s the kind of stuff talk shows are full of these days, but Scott really does appear to be awed by sitting next to Hamill, who starts cracking wise about missing out on toddler Scott’s birthday. So, even if you nailed your cosplay or reenactment yesterday, you’re still hard-pressed to out-nerd Scott after this.


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