Billy Madison

Despite being hated by critics at the time of its release (22 years ago last month), Billy Madison has achieved a certain nostalgic glow over time, both as one of the purest expressions of Adam Sandler’s rampaging id and long-spent cinematic energy, and as a thing that today’s younger adults watched a shit-ton of back when they were kids. Sandler himself waxed nostalgic about the cult-favorite man-boy movie on tonight’s Conan, fondly reminiscing about drilling a bunch of six-year-olds in the head with dodgeballs in one of the movie’s most famous scenes.


Recounting the story with host Conan O’Brien, Sandler seemed to perk up a bit, going from The Cobbler levels of energy all the way up to a Grown-Ups or Click bonhomie. His favorite part seemed to be the protesting parents of his young co-stars, who’d apparently failed to properly vet the script and learn just how much punishment their little darlings were in for at the hands of would-be high school graduate Billy, properly enraged by a sneering assertion that ”O’Doyle rules!”