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Adam Sandler took a picture of all his friends going swimming and also it's a movie poster

Not since the starkly emblematic work of Saul Bass has a poster series so captured a film’s spark of inspiration than the one-sheets for Grown-Ups—posters that say, “This one time, me and my friends put on swimsuits and went to the swimming pool, and then we got paid because it was also a movie.” The below image for the Grown-Ups 2 picks up where the original’s water slide tableau left off, again depicting Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, and David Spade putting on swimsuits and going to the swimming pool, and then getting paid because it’s also a movie. Truly, they’ve established a visual language as unmistakable as it is striking. (“Yay, swimsuits!” it says. “Yay, movies!”)

Alas, Rob Schneider didn’t get to go to the movie-pool that day, because he and Adam Sandler are mad at each other. Adam Sandler invited his new friend Nick Swardson instead. If he’s real nice, he’ll probably get to be on the next poster. Depending on what narrative turns the series takes, it may have one of those inner tubes shaped like a duck.


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