After a long series of bleak, Bergmanesque explorations of men adrift in the godless void, futilely regressing to petulant childishness in an effort to stave off the darkness, Adam Sandler is finally going to kill himself. Of course, as with so many things Adam Sandler attempts in this accursed world, he’ll also bungle that—comically so, as he’ll be doing it in a Chris Columbus-directed remake of the 2010 Korean supernatural comedy Hello Ghost. The film finds Sandler playing a guy who survives multiple suicide attempts, leaving him as laden with regret as a pair of cargo shorts stuffed with regret. Then, much like the Ricky Gervais movie Ghost Town that no one remembers apparently, Sandler will be haunted by four ghosts who refuse to leave until he helps each of them with their problems, their spirits lingering as persistently as a purgatorial fart. “Helloooooo ghost,” Sandler will say in a small, funny voice, a baby cowed in the face of the unfathomable abyss. “HELLO GHOST!” Sandler will scream defiantly at oblivion.