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Adam Sandler to appear on Kevin Can Wait as all your dreams come true

Grown Ups

Here’s some unbelievably huge news for fans of the Grown Ups series of films: Grown Ups leader Adam Sandler is set to appear on next week’s episode of Kevin James’ CBS sitcom Kevin Can Wait. That comes from ET Online, which reports that Sandler will be playing Kevin James’ former police partner who is still on the job (James plays a retired cop, in case anyone out there is somehow not watching this show). When Sandler’s character gets a “fit new rookie” played by UFC fighter Chris Weidman as his partner, James gets jealous and “sets out to show his old friend what he’s missing.” In other words, there will be plenty of opportunities for some classic Sandler/James shenanigans. Who knows, maybe they’ll end up getting married or fighting some real-life video game monsters like in those popular movies everybody likes.

Sandler’s episode of Kevin Can Wait will air on November 7.


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