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Adam Sandler showed up in his very best gym shorts to photobomb a wedding

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris (Getty Images)

Folk tales speak of the rarest of wedding day blessings—a surprise visit from famous Saturday Night Live alumni. Referenced in the continuing tradition of throwing rice, which has long been known to attract this elusive species, every couple dreams that they may be graced with the unexpected appearance of a curious Mike Myers, Tracy Morgan, Amy Poehler, or Bill Murray.

Fortunately for two Montreal newlyweds, their nuptials were blessed with incredible good fortune as Adam Sandler happened upon their celebrations and stopped by to offer his congratulations. 100 years of good fortune await.


The CBC reports that the couple were being photographed on the stairs of a hotel when the bride noticed Sandler, who was sporting formal red Adidas gym shorts, a VCU-branded basketball t-shirt, and a supremely goofy-looking mustache for the occasion. He came over to congratulate the two, receive the inevitable invitation to the wedding (which was “politely declined”), and then disappear back to wherever Adam Sandler goes once the cameras are off.

A full set of photos, taken by the couple’s wedding photographer, further highlight the disparity in clothing choices between the gussied-up couple and a Sandler wandering around in the most casual of casual wear.


Now that he’s fulfilled his duty, blessing the union of this couple, Sandler can get back to his normal, 9-to-5 job: working hard to make sure Netflix has a new Adam Sandler movie to debut every other month.

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