Adam Sandler says he’ll probably never host Saturday Night Live. Sandler broke the news to pal and fellow SNL alum Norm Macdonald on the Norm Macdonald Live video podcast, saying “Why should I?” and claiming that he’s “slow now.” Sandler says he doesn’t “know how good it would be,” which, to be fair, is never really a concern that’s stopped him from making anything before. Sandler was also fired from the show in 1995, meaning he might not be on the best terms with Lorne Michaels and crew.

Macdonald also used his podcast to try and fish out some old stories from Sandler. In particular, he was trying to find out if the Happy Gilmore star knew why Eddie Murphy won’t host SNL, something that’s allegedly due in part to something that happened with David Spade. Unfortunately, Sandler says he doesn’t “know what happened,” but please feel free to speculate below.