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Since every generation deserves its own Blazing Saddles, or perhaps just a movie where guys fart while wearing cowboy hats, grizzled fart-wrangler Adam Sandler has set his sights on next starring in the Western spoof Ridiculous 6. There's no indication of the exact plotline yet, though folks 'round these parts tell tale of a man with common denominators as low as the Coyote Gulch, who'll intermittently scream at you just for looking at him sideways with a movie camera. Folks also say on quiet nights you can hear him out here on the plains, whippin' the winds with the flaps of his cargo shorts, and tauntin' the devil in a funny baby voice. And Deadline says the Man-child of the Mississip' will round up a writin' posse that includes his old sidekick Tim Herlihy, the Doc Holliday to Sandler's Wyatt Burp who rode with him through the comedic boom towns of Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, and The Wedding Singer before coming down with Little Nicky tuberculosis. And of course, the title bears a notable resemblance to the classic gunfighter film The Magnificent Seven, suggesting Rob Schneider might play a goofy Yul Brenner-type, we reckon. Yup.


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