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It’s been 21 years to the day since Chris Farley died, taking with him one of the biggest comic presences of his generation, and adding a sad new chapter in the tradition of young, dead stars living the lifestyle he himself dubbed “fatty fall down, make funny.” A number of comics, from those who only knew him in passing, to those who worked with him intimately, offered up their tributes tonight:


But none were as elaborate as the one posted online today by his old pal Adam Sandler, who released a video excerpted from his recent Netflix special 100% Fresh, offering up his musical appreciation of “the funniest guy I ever knew.” The end result is remarkably sweet, even if there’s something kind of morbid about the crowd of fans who keep cheering even as Sandler’s song delves honestly into his friend’s self-destructive streak.

But Sandler’s affection—and his willingness to talk about the uglier aspects of Farley’s life—all feel lived in and genuine, even if “I wish Chris Farley was alive so he could be in Grown Ups 3" is one of those sentiments we’re just going to have to sit with and chew on for a while. It’s the sort of sweetness you don’t necessarily expect from guys whose fondest memories together were of raging parties and fucking with David Spade, but Sandler’s love for Farley obviously shines through.

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