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Adam Sandler is Halloween's unlikely savior in the trailer for Netflix's Hubie Halloween

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Adam Sandler threatened us with a “so bad on purpose movie if he didn’t get a (well-deserved) Oscar nomination for his incredible turn in Uncut Gems. Well, he didn’t get one, and we’ve spent the year dreaming up our own ideas for a movie so wretched that even the swan would stop looking at it. Has it arrived with his newest movie, Netflix’s Hubie Halloween? Has it arrived with this new character, who, per the below trailer, is just Billy Madison’s gibberish made manifest?


Mustached-up and clad in cargo shorts, Sandler stars as the titular Hubie, a Halloween enthusiast considered by his neighbors to be as big a goon as they come. “It’s pretty impressive how long he’s been a loser,” Maya Rudolph cracks. But when some kind of supernatural presence begins haunting his hometown of Salem, Hubie (and his robust imagination) turn out to be their only hope.


It looks sweet, honestly, and a cast that includes Rudolph, Tim Meadows, Steve Buscemi, George Wallace, Kenan Thompson, Ray Liotta, and Michael Chiklis (!) makes us fairly confident this isn’t the stink bomb Sandler’s been promising us, dumb voice or no. Give the trailer a watch below.

Steven Brill, the director of Sandler cuts like Little Nicky and Mr. Deeds, directs a script from longtime Sandler scribe Tim Herlihy. Their Frankenstein lumbers onto Netflix on October 7.

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