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Adam Sandler hoping to take his next movie vacation with Drew Barrymore

Reprising a romantic-comedy chemistry unseen since Woody Allen first shared a screen with Diane Keaton and then everyone lowered their standards for chemistry, Adam Sandler is eying a reunion with his Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates co-star Drew Barrymore on another movie where they speak the language of love in funny baby voices. The as-yet-untitled film—which Sandler will reportedly make next now that his Western comedy The Ridiculous 6 has been “pushed for script revisions,” hopefully off the nearest cliff—would star Sandler and Barrymore as a would-be couple who, “after a disastrous first date, get trapped at a family resort with their kids from previous marriages in tow.” The Hollywood Reporter and the coldly mechanical voice of the movie industry then add, “An attraction begins to grow despite comedic mishaps,” because that is how romantic comedies work. And naturally, its storyline revolves around people going on vacation, because that is how Adam Sandler movies work.


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