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Adam Sandler debuts sweet and funny "Quarantine Song" on Fallon

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Adam Sandler streamed into Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show on Thursday night, guitar in hand, to share a brand new song inspired by, well, (gestures wildly). It celebrates doctors and nurses as it speaks some hard truths about the claustrophobic nature of self-isolating: “And I hope they save us soon, because I’m really, really sick of my family.”


Sandler packs the song with calls to create more masks and ventilators, as well as exhortations to wash your disease-ridden hands so we can “make this damn thing go away.” Perhaps most importantly in our current climate, Sandler’s song also serves to remind us that nurses and doctors “tell you the truth.” Seems weird that this would be a point of contention these days, but brain worms are real.

Also of note? Dan Aykroyd called Sandler to tell him he saw and dug Uncut Gems. “How about the fact when Aykroyd calls you, how exciting that is,” he says. We can only imagine.


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