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In a segment that confirmed what many reviewers have long presumed and blatantly stated, Adam Sandler appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, where Kimmel asked him flat out whether his movies are just flimsy excuses for paid vacations. “Yes,” Sandler replied enthusiastically, secure in the knowledge that it absolutely doesn’t matter if he just admits, point blank, that he chooses his projects based on whether they include a trip to some luxury destination, because they are Adam Sandler movies for Adam Sandler audiences. “I have done that since 50 First Dates,” Sandler explained. “It was written in another place. I said, ‘Imagine if we did it in Hawaii, how great that movie would be.’ And they said, ‘Yeah, that’s a very artistic idea.’ I’ve been doing that ever since.”


Unfortunately, Kimmel was so distracted by Sandler’s follow-up anecdote, he didn’t get Sandler to confirm, during this moment of admittedly admirable candor, that his other artistic ideas include having all of his characters wear whatever baggy shorts and T-shirt happen to be lying on Sandler’s floor that day; or off-setting his movie-vacation expenses by cramming egregious product placement into every frame. But it seems safe to say that, whatever your worst assumptions about Sandler always taking the path of least resistance, Sandler would probably just shrug and say, “Does that path go to a swimming pool? That sounds like a good movie.”

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