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Adam Sandler adds 4 more movies to his Netflix deal

The Ridiculous 6 (Image: Netflix)

Realizing that he can just keep releasing his movies directly to The People, bypassing those pesky critics and box office numbers, for pretty much the rest of his career, Adam Sandler has announced that he’s extending his film deal with Netflix for another four movies. “Love working with Netflix and collaborating with them,” Sandler said in a statement about the news. “I love how passionate they are about making movies and getting them out there for the whole world to see. They’ve made me feel like family and I can’t thank them enough for their support.”

Sandler and the streaming service are currently halfway through their first four-film partnership, first put to paper back in 2014. It’s been a fruitful pairing for both parties, with the two Sandler films produced so far—spoof Western The Ridiculous 6, and spy comedy The Do-Over—quickly becoming some of Netflix’s most-watched movies, regardless of what critics had to say.


Netflix is currently gearing up for its third Sandler production, the Hollywood satire Sandy Wexler, which is set to premiere on April 14.

[via Variety]

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