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Adam Pally to star in Fox’s time travel show from Lord and Miller

Adam Pally travels back in time to a better, happier moment. (Happy Endings)

Ensuring that, when it finally takes it away from you, you’ll be all the sadder, Fox has announced that Adam Pally will star in that new time travel series from Christopher Miller and Phil Lord, the hit-making team behind The Lego Movie, The Last Man On Earth, and pretty much everything you like these days. Deadline is reporting that Pally—recently of The Mindy Project—has joined the show as its lead, in what’s probably just a cruel bid to make you think about Happy Endings for a minute and get depressed, as is his role in the Hollywood ecosystem.

Titled Making History, the new series centers on three friends who stumble into a way to travel through time in an unlikely way, apparently indifferent to the fact that “dumb ways to time travel” is an idea that’s already been pretty thoroughly mined. Pally will star as Dan, a poorly liked computer programmer filled with “nerd rage,” presumably because his favorite sitcoms have been canceled and are never coming back. With his two friends (yet uncast), he ventures to the past, where Pally will also play his younger, happier self, yet to be teased and mocked by the cruel realities of TV economics.


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