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Photo: Noam Galai (Getty Images for Shorty Awards)

Happy Endings is never coming back, possibly because you never loved it enough and therefore don’t deserve to get it back, but some of the people on that show are getting back together for a new show. As reported by Variety, Adam Pally is set to star in a new YouTube Red series from Happy Endings co-creator David Caspe and Happy Endings producers Daniel Libman, Matthew Libman, Jordan Cahan, and Jamie Tarses.


The Variety story is that “the untitled series revolves around the entourage that surrounds a rap star,” which is some nice circular imagery, and Pally will star with Veep’s Sam Richardson. That may not be enough Happy Endings for most fans, but maybe YouTube will pull a Kevin Can Wait and bring in more and more Happy Endings actors to replace the non-Happy Endings actors. That show would still work if it was about a rap star’s entourage, right?

Either way, YouTube has already ordered 10 episodes of the show, and it will debut in 2019.

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