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Adam Pally is leaving The Mindy Project

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Sad news for Mindy Project fans: Adam Pally’s Peter Prentice is exiting the Schulman and Associates OB-GYN practice. TV Line confirms that Pally will be leaving The Mindy Project as of this season’s 13th episode. The actor has signed a deal with ABC Studios (his old Happy Endings network) to produce projects for broadcast, cable, and new media.


Pally first joined The Mindy Project last year in season two as a recurring guest star and quickly got promoted to the regular cast—not coincidentally, just around the time the show took a turn for the better. Pally’s offbeat sensibility amped up the cast’s chemistry considerably, and his character’s friendship with Mindy Kaling’s character has been a series highlight ever since.

The Mindy Project has been no stranger to casting changes in its few seasons. Pally will be following former Mindy cast members Stephen Tobolowksy, Amanda Setton, Anna Camp, and Zoe Jarman out the door. Fortunately, Pally is still “expected to make occasional guest appearances as his schedule permits,” according to TV Line.

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