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Adam Pally is going to be a series regular on The Mindy Project

Though Schulman & Associates is already pretty crowded, The Mindy Project doctor’s office is apparently getting another M.D. Happy Endings’ Adam Pally has been promoted to a series regular on the show, playing the practice’s fourth (and scuzziest) doctor. Pally was originally signed to appear in just a short arc beginning with the Oct. 1 episode, but he's apparently fit in with the gang so well that he’s been brought in full time. Here’s hoping he doesn’t desert them and end up working with the Deslaurier brothers upstairs, those New Age jerks.

Pally previously played Max on Happy Endings, and has appeared in a number of movies, including Iron Man 3, The To Do List, and the upcoming Amy Poehler/Adam Scott joint A.C.O.D.


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