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Crazy shit tends to happen when Adam Pally manages to get onto a TV screen, whether it’s good crazy like the cult-success of Happy Endings, weird crazy like Making History, or very good crazy like his brief run on The Late late Show, and now Vulture is reporting that Pally is set to star in a new comedy pilot for NBC that will hopefully be similarly eventful. Pally will be starring alongside Abby Elliott in Uninsured, a show about a man and his wife who have to move back in with his parents after—in Vulture’s words—”years of financial uh-ohs” have plunged them into debt (and presumably blown their access to insurance). Pally will play a “natural hype man with a good heart,” which sounds like a Pally-esque characterization at least. The pilot comes from The Goldbergs’ Dan Levy and Doug Robinson.


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