The Big Bang Theory

Shortly after Leonard Nimoy’s death earlier this year, his son, Adam, announced plans to make a documentary about his father titled For The Love Of Spock. The film will be narrated by Zachary Quinto and feature interviews with people who worked with Nimoy as well as “years and years of audio recordings” that Nimoy made about his work on Star Trek. Now, according to Variety, Adam Nimoy will be making a stop at The Big Bang Theory to meet the world’s biggest (fictional) Spock fan, Jim Parson’s Sheldon Cooper. He’ll be appearing in an episode titled “The Spock’s Resonance” as himself, and he’ll be meeting with Sheldon to talk to him about, appropriately, a documentary he’s making about Spock. Recurring Big Bang Theory character/actual person Wil Wheaton will also be in the episode, mostly because this sounds like the sort of thing that it would be hard to keep him away from.

“The Spock’s Resonance” will air on November 5 on CBS.