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Adam McKay to adapt superhero comic Irredeemable for the big screen


According to Deadline, Adam McKay is set to direct an adaptation of the Boom! Studios superhero comic Irredeemable. This will be McKay’s first directing gig since his Academy Award-nominated work on The Big Short. It won’t be his first time visiting the world of superhero movies, though, as he also wrote the screenplay for Ant-Man and is co-writing its sequel, Ant-Man And The Wasp. The script for Irredeemable, meanwhile, is coming from Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters’ Tommy Wirkola.

The original Irredeemable comic was created by Mark Waid and Peter Krause, and was about the world’s greatest superhero, the Plutonian, becoming evil and straight-up murdering people who defy him (the book came out several years before Zack Snyder made homicidal superpeople into heroes). The Plutonian’s former associates then have to join forces with an old supervillain to try and figure out how to stop him. The Deadline article highlights the fact that this story exists outside of Marvel and DC’s comic universes, so it has more freedom to kill off characters, but the simple fact that it’s about people with capes who we haven’t been seen in movies a million times already is refreshing enough.


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