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Adam McKay sort-of suggested he might do a family-friendly Anchorman spinoff

The Anchorman sequel hasn’t even hit theaters yet, and Ron Burgundy oversaturation is in full swing. And now, in an interview with Collider, director and co-writer Adam McKay not only sort-of confirmed that he might string together another semi-sequel from outtakes, he also dropped a bit of news regarding a future for the franchise that doesn’t directly involve Will Ferrell. (Spoiler warning for a comedy film that isn’t dependent on plot):

I guess it’s out of the bag that Ron has a son? I mean, I guess it’s kinda out of the bag that Ron has a son? Or did I just let it out of the bag? … I just let it out of the bag. So we wanted to do the adventures of his son, Walter Burgundy, and Baxter. And I actually pitched it to Adam Goodman at Paramount and he said, “That’s not a bad idea.” So there’s a chance we might be doing a Milo & Otis, G-rated, PG, Adventures Of Walter And Baxter, which would be amazing.


So it's possible that maybe there's a family-film Anchorman spinoff in the future, starring Ron's son and Baxter. Hopefully it won't be anywhere near as controversial as the real Milo & Otis, which has dodged claims of animal cruelty since its release.

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