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Adam McKay is getting a start on Bush-era nostalgia with a Dick Cheney biopic

Image: The Onion

From Deadline comes the news that Adam McKay is currently casting a biopic of America’s most powerful and least popular vice president, Dick Cheney, McKay—who recently made the leap from improv-heavy Will Ferrell movies to Oscar-winning live-action Vox explainers with The Big Shortalso has a project called Bad Blood lined up with Jennifer Lawrence, but it’s unclear whether that’s going on the back burner while he readies the as-of-yet-untitled project. (Unfortunately, Dick is already taken.)

Really, he’s just trying to keep ahead of the curve as America begins to pine for the simpler times of the George W. Bush administration. Sure, the presidency was effectively controlled by a secretive wannabe autocrat with business-related conflicts of interest, but at least nobody liked him—except, apparently, the appointed senior counselor of the President-elect.

Per Deadline, Paramount Pictures is hoping to start filming in the spring for a winter release. Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment and McKay and Ferrell’s Gary Sanchez Productions will co-produce, having previously worked together on The Big Short. It’s going to be Steve Carrell in aging make-up and a bald cap, right?


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