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Inveterate goofball Adam continues to delight the world with his crazy, sitcom-worthy antics of being a wealthy musician who practices yoga and occasionally appears on television, but so far the attempts to capture these in an actual sitcom have proved difficult. But now NBC is trying again with its third comedy project to be based on Adam Levine’s hilarious real life. Titled Kids In America, the show inspired by Levine’s own youth follows “an unconventional family as seen through the eyes of a teenager with the dream of becoming a rock star”—a teenager who, if the show follows Levine’s story, actually becomes a rock star later, in an incredible comedic twist.


It’s obviously too soon to tell whether Kids In America will succeed where Levine’s two previous autobiographical sitcoms failed, presumably because those shows—one based on his real-life friendship with writer Gene Hong, another on their real-life shared experience at a karaoke bar—were deemed just too outrageous to be believed, even as Levine insisted, ha ha, but they really happened. Though if it doesn’t, surely Levine need only look in the mirror for more inspiration. For example, what if his housekeeper removed the mirror for polishing? That’s a show right there.

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