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Adam Driver’s SNL promo gets ruined by his previous hosting stint

This weekend, Adam Driver makes his triumphant return to Saturday Night Live to host for a second time, this time with Kanye West pulling musical guest duties. That’s quite an honor for any celebrity, and Driver has got to be feeling pretty good about himself right now. But any swagger the Last Jedi star may have felt is undone by this new promo, in which he’s relentlessly haunted by his previous appearance on the show, particularly his performance in an Aladdin parody sketch.


“Is there some kind of clearance issue? Like each clip is prohibitively expensive?” Driver asks frustratedly as the same 2-second clip of him singing “A Whole New World” with Cecily Strong plays over and over. In the end, it’s revealed that Kate McKinnon committed this act of sabotage because she still holds a grudge over not being cast in the Aladdin sketch. We doubt McKinnon will get a second chance at a magic carpet ride this go-round, since an Aladdin parody isn’t really the kind of thing that turns into a recurring sketch. Now, a Star Wars-themed Undercover Boss parody, on the other hand

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