Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The world of NASCAR is weird and seemingly impenetrable for people who don’t have a very powerful affection for both cars and ovals, but that’s what makes it such a good setting for a movie. It’s big enough that you can tell different kinds of stories, it’s intriguing enough that people want to hear about those stories, and it’s so incomprehensible to so many people that they won’t really care if it’s totally true to NASCAR culture or not. The apparently no longer retired Steven Soderbergh is the latest director to realize this, as his next project will be Logan Lucky, a heist movie set during a NASCAR race.

We previously reported that Channing Tatum—star of Soderbergh’s Magic Mike—will be starring, and now Deadline is saying that he’ll be joined by Adam Driver. There’s no word on how many beloved cinematic icons Driver’s character will stab through the heart in this movie, but you’ve got to assume it’ll be at least one or two. Also, it’s a testament to how good he was in The Force Awakens that we’re talking about Star Wars here and not the fact that Adam Driver is going to be in a movie about NASCAR. Adam Driver. Rest assured, if he hadn’t been in Star Wars, we’d be spending a lot of time making puns here.


Deadline’s story also says that Seth MacFarlane is in talks for Logan Lucky, but it doesn’t say whether or not he’d be playing a talking car from New England or a human man who thinks people really like it when he sings jazzy standards. (Maybe both?)