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Adam Cayton-Holland has too many goddamn dogs in an exclusive clip from his new album

Photo: Adam Cayton-Holland

As you surely already know after opening the last door of your puppy advent calendar earlier this morning, tomorrow is National Puppy Day, the day we celebrate how cute it is when puppies’ paws are too big for their bodies. We’re not sure if Denver-based comedian (and ex-A.V. Club columnist) Adam Cayton-Holland knew this when he sent us a dog-related clip from his new album to premiere exclusively on The A.V. Club, but it does feel serendipitous.

In the clip, Cayton-Holland tries to figure out what do do now that he and his wife have joined their canine households for a total of three dogs, which he considers “too many goddamn dogs.”


You may have seen Cayton-Holland on TruTV’s Those Who Can’t, which he co-created and where he co-stars as Spanish teacher Loren Payton. You may also have seen him doing standup on Conan, Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents, The Meltdown with Jonah And Kumail (R.I.P.), or on Viceland’s Flophouse, or racking up points on @Midnight.

His new album, Performs His Signature Bits, was recorded at Union Hall in Brooklyn, and comes out on Friday, March 23, a.k.a. National Puppy Day.

Image: Pitch Perfect PR

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