In one of the week’s stranger promotional efforts for Wreck-It Ralph, comedian and podcaster Adam Carolla declared his independence from the Hollywood system in an interview with automobile/lifestyle website Web2Carz. Midway through the genial, if typically acidic Q&A, Carolla spoke out about the assorted “hacks,” “dumb people,” and “those people who produce those shows” that drove him to found the podcasting network Carolla Digital: “I have no connection with Hollywood. I’m not interested. I don’t care. I’ve called them all hacks a thousand times. I don’t care to go back and work with their untalented, uncreative, narcissistic asses and I don’t give a shit.” (Probably because they hired too many unfunny women just for having vaginas.)

Underlining the fact that he was talking about Hollywood in the broad, executives-chomping-cigars-and-screaming-“You Oughta Be In Pictures!” sense and not the “I hang out with other famous people” sense, Carolla took a further left turn during a political rant when he lets it slip that he’s close enough with Bryan Cranston to drive the Breaking Bad star to the airport. This, the sentence “Hope is retarded; change is semi-insulting considering we are already the best system in place,” and a plug for his signature wine, Mangria, all put the former Man Show neck-and-neck with Victoria Jackson in the race to become 2032’s equivalent of 2012 Gallagher.