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Adam Brody to play one of Jess' exes on New Girl

Adam Brody, the best part of The O.C. and one half of Josh Schwartz’s real life “dreams really do come true” couple, is set to make a guest appearance on New Girl. Brody will play Berkeley, an ex-boyfriend of Jess’ from long, long ago who prides himself on being a great ex. He’s open with his feelings, and is a “hip, stay-at-home dad,” a faux-career that E! Online thinks will manifest itself with Brody holding a baby onscreen.

Brody will begin filming his New Girl episode Dec. 2, and there’s no news yet on when it will air. Chances are good that it’ll be sometime in the new year, which Seth Cohen would like because it would remind him of a really great Death Cab For Cutie track.

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