Photo credit: Getty Images

Adam Brody, whose extensive and varied film and TV career isn’t going to get in the way of us referring to him as “Seth from The O.C.,” has signed on to the cast of the new CHiPS movie, a reboot of the old TV show about motorcycle cops and their struggles against easy capitalization. According to Variety, Brody-Seth will play “another officer on the force,” the stalwart sidekick to Dax Shepard’s Jon Baker and Michael Pena’s onomatopoeically named “Ponch.” Another Officer will presumably assist the two in their efforts to bring down Vincent D’Onofrio’s villain character, unless he turns out to be a bad guy, in which case he’ll probably do the opposite.

Brody’s career in recent years has included a long guest star stint on FX’s The League, as well as an appearance in the winning Sleeping With Other People, currently in theaters. And really, it’s just good to see him working, especially since we all know he could probably spend the next 15 years or so sitting around, waiting for someone to inevitably turn The O.C. into a reboot movie for him to cameo in, like some sort of funny, smirking, futuristic Erik Estrada.