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Here’s some good news for Netflix users who are fans of time-traveling doctors, David Brent, The Stig, whatever whinging is, whatever a lorry is, and whatever a steak and kidney pie is: Most of those BBC shows that we reported were on the verge of getting the boot from Netflix at the end of this month will actually be staying. Also, “getting the boot” is a phrase that means something is being kicked out—as in, with a boot—and not a reference to the trunk of a car, as it would be to a British person. Bob’s your uncle!


The shows that are staying include old episodes of Doctor Who, new episodes of Doctor Who, the British version of House Of Cards, the British Office, North & South (which apparently has nothing to do with Patrick Swayze), and Luther. Variety has a full list, just in case you’re wondering if Wallander is sticking around (it is). Unfortunately, Red Dwarf, Blackadder, MI-5, and Fawlty Towers—which was remade for U.S. audiences under the title 2 Broke Girls—will still be leaving Netflix at the end of January. Thankfully, with the British TV model, you’ll be able to marathon all of them much faster than you would if they had unwieldy American-style seasons. ‘Ello, ‘ello, ‘ello, that’s a bit o’ bollocks, innit?

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