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Actually, Michelle Obama isn’t a bad rapper

If there’s one thing our country can agree on in this increasingly partisan age, it’s that Michelle Obama is a pretty kick-ass First Lady. Not only does she have her own initiatives like Let’s Move, she promotes them in genuinely funny ways like dancing with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show and playing weird games with Billy On The Street.

Now FLOTUS has joined forces with College Humor and Jay Pharoah—who, it should be noted, regularly plays her husband on SNLin a new PSA that encourages kids to apply to college. It’s part of her Better Make Room campaign to promote higher education. And she doesn’t just make a quick cameo in the “Go To College” music video: She raps a whole verse about her own collegiate experience on the South Side of Chicago.


The video is intentionally cheesy with Pharoah dispatching advice to two befuddled high school students. But Mrs. Obama commits to the bit, rocking sunglasses in front of the White House and handling the verse far better than, say, Nancy Reagan probably would have. The whole thing is currently trending on Twitter under the hashtag #FlotusBars. Looks like this may be just the thing to secure Mrs. Obama the title of best First Lady ever. Take that, Dolley Madison!

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