Suggesting that Jeff Daniels receives important updates on the same delay as his Newsroom character, the actor recently told Crave Online that “there’s more hope than ever” that the long-discussed Dumb And Dumber sequel will actually get made—this despite Jim Carrey seemingly dropping out of the project last month and everyone subsequently agreeing to stop talking about it. But no, according to Daniels, he’s pretty sure that Carrey just got frustrated that the script hadn’t met with everyone’s approval yet, but he still believes the project can be salvaged and begin shooting as early as next spring during his Newsroom downtime, given what he’s heard from the Farrellys. “So you’re telling me there’s a chance,” everyone responded, again, increasingly mirthlessly, citing the applicable line of dialogue from the original movie that we could just continue to quote to each other, instead of them even going to the trouble of making another one.