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Actually, Christoph Waltz probably will be in Horrible Bosses 2

Though it initially seemed like Christoph Waltz would be too busy to star as one of the new horrible bosses who are so crucial to another Horrible Bosses—lest it be a far less funny movie, about a bunch of guys inexplicably trying to kill their rather likable bosses—all that seems to have changed. Deadline reports that Waltz is once again in talks to join the sequel, and pair up with the previously confirmed Chris Pine as a father-son asshole boss duo, in keeping with Pine’s commitment to always playing younger versions of people. Though it’s still unclear what, exactly, makes Waltz and Pine bosses who are horrible enough for Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman, and Charlie Day to risk life in prison a second time, it’s possible that, as with so many German employers, Waltz’s character will insist on starting the workday at 8 a.m., and for that he must die.


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