As we reported yesterday, Beau Bridges attempted to offset The Millers’ TCA panel's proud defense of the fart joke by declaring to series creator Greg Garcia, “I will never fart on your show.” Yet given Garcia’s position that “farts are funny”—and his refusal to say there won’t be more farts beyond Margo Martindale’s in the pilot—it seemed only natural to assume that Bridges will be called upon to fart in the CBS sitcom, someday.

So we went ahead and asked Bridges about it (in the course of a Random Roles scheduled to run around The Millers premiere on Oct. 3), and discovered that not only is he more amenable to farting than originally suggested, he also has a proud history of on-camera flatulence that dates back to the 1970s:

The A.V. Club: You realize, of course, that now everyone’s going to be waiting for your first fart joke.


Beau Bridges: [Sighs.] I know.

AVC: Are you planning to hold fast to your vow that you’re not going to do one?

BB: It depends. I mean, I was just telling Margo and Will (Arnett) that one of the landmark moments of my performances as an actor is that I farted on Elizabeth Taylor one time, in a movie directed by Peter Ustinov. Not many people saw the movie—it was called Hammersmith Is Out—but I trained. I trained for days on cauliflower. And I pulled off three takes without having to go back for seconds of cauliflower. Just one after another. Bam, bam, bam. So if I’m called upon, if they paid me enough to do one, I may let one rip. You just never know.