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Actresses vie for role of brunette woman who may or may not be wonderful in Batman-Superman movie

The release of Batman Loves Superman (or whatever) is about two years away, leaving us with a mere 1,051,200 minutes to fill with speculation on what will happen when Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight meets Henry Cavill’s Man Of Steel, and who might also be standing just off to the side while they talk about capes. Statistically speaking, at least one of those bystanders is likely to be a woman, so Variety passes along the report that three different actresses are up for the film’s female lead—a part that, because this is a Batman and Superman movie, everyone naturally just assumes is Wonder Woman.

Fast And Furious’ Gal Gadot, G.I. Joe: Retaliation’s Elodie Young, and (as first reported by Schmoes KnowQuantum Of Solace’s Olga Kurylenko have all been named as in the running for the part of the “tall, brunette, athletic, and exotic” character, a description that Variety points out “matches that of the Wonder Woman character in the comics.” Of course, it also matches that of a generally good-looking woman, the sort who could be the romantic interest in a movie, or just ordered in for the day by a studio executive with very particular tastes. So it remains to be seen whether any of these actresses—or any of the others who might yet audition—are indeed up to play Wonder Woman, a pre-Wonder Woman Diana Prince, or just Bruce Wayne’s exotic brunette girlfriend, the kind he likes.


But both Variety and The Hollywood Reporter’s Borys Kit say that some appearance from Wonder Woman, albeit in a “minor, minor role,” is all but guaranteed alongside The Flash, ostensibly as a set-up for that long-rumored Justice League movie. Meanwhile, Latino Review passes along its own unconfirmed rumor that the studio is also looking for a “young John Hawkes type” to play a Dick Grayson/Nightwing who hasn’t spoken to Batman “in years,” which has presumably caused him to move to Gotham’s woods and start a meth lab. As of now, obviously, this is all unconfirmed speculation, which you now only have another 1,051,198 minutes of to go.  

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