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Actors from The Wire and True Blood join Showtime’s Happyish

Illustration for article titled Actors fromi The Wire/i and iTrue Blood/i join Showtime’s iHappyish/i

Carrie Preston (True Blood), Molly Price (Third Watch), and Andre Royo (Super, The Spectacular Now… just kidding, you know him as Bubbles from The Wire) have all joined Showtime’s comedy Happyish. They add to an impressive list of cast members that already includes Bradley Whitford, Kathryn Hahn, and Steve Coogan, who replaced the late Philip Seymour Hoffman.


The show centers around a middle-aged ad executive (Coogan) who is thrown for a loop when his new boss turns out to be much younger and more talented than he. His wife (Hahn) must deal with this existential pondering, which Preston, as a similarly senior lawyer for the same company, finds herself dealing with as well. Royo and Price will play divorced couple Barry and Bella, with Barry being a former corporate lawyer who found family law even more depressing than working for the suits, while Bella is struggling to redefine herself and find a place in which she and her child fit. And here we remind you again that this is all supposed to be a comedy.

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