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Actors from Homeland, Boardwalk Empire, and Hell On Wheels join David Milch's new HBO show

David Milch’s new HBO project The Money will no longer be a two-man piece in which Brendan Gleeson and Nathan Lane exchange witty quips and steely glares. New casting announcements will give James Castman, Gleeson’s powerful media mogul character, other characters to scream profanities at, both at home and at the office.

According to The Hollywood ReporterHomeland’s David Harewood has been cast as Kurt Corbitt, “a grandiose, boisterous, irascible ideologue and the CEO of the parent company to Castman’s holdings.” And Deadline reports that Oblivion star Andrea Riseborough has been cast as Anna Elkin, an “Oxford-educated and self-made success who is an editor at a top NY newspaper.”


In the more personal realm, Boardwalk Empire’s Patrick Kennedy and Hell on Wheels’ Dominique McElligott are set to play Castman’s adult children, John (the “dutiful and ethically strong” one), and Katherine (the “beloved” one), respectively, while stage actor Laila Robins will play his wife.

Although Gleeson stars as an American mogul, Robins and Lane are so far the only American actors in the cast. Which means that those most excited by this latest round of cast announcements are probably dialect coaches.

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