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Action Bronson gets the badass fan-made music video he deserves

The Goonies

Pulling from an impressive assortment of films from all manner of decades, Charles Muzard has created a music video for Action Bronson’s song “The Rising” from the album Mr. Wonderful. The clips derive from such diverse movies as the original Nosferatu, Road House, The Goonies, The Godfather, Blue Chips, Tropic Thunder, Titanic, Duel, and many, many more. Muzard ties the imagery in with the lyrics incredibly well, creating an excellent visual collage to mirror Bronson’s lyrical stylings. It’s fun to see how many different sources Muzard pulls from and re-contextualizes over the admittedly dope beat.

There’s some violent imagery and some nudity used throughout the video, plus some cuss words that Bronson employs, so consider this a NSFW warning.

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