Photo: Bill Clark / Getty Images

The ACLU really came through for America this weekend, filing an emergency lawsuit to stop the illegal and deeply un-American ban on refugees and travelers from seven majority Muslim nations that coincidentally just so happens to not include countries where Donald Trump has business interests. And America has returned the favor: The Washington Post reports this morning that the organization raised more than $24 million in online donations this past weekend, six times what it normally gets in a year.

The money was given by 356,306 individual donors, some of whom, naturally, came from the godless enclave of depraved liberalism that is Hollywood. As we reported over the weekend, celebrities from Sia to Shark Tank’s Chris Sacca chimed in to match donations to the organization, and Dan Harmon is offering to match every new subscription to his Harmontown podcast with an ACLU donation. Companies got involved, too, like Lyft, which responded to the push to boycott its ridesharing rival Uber by pledging to donate $1 million to the ACLU over the next four years in an email. Of course, this fight is far from over, and you can help fill the ACLU’s coffers even further here.