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Accomplished ball-thrower Derek Jeter takes side gig as publishing magnate

New York Yankees shortstop and team captain Derek Jeter has announced a co-publishing partnership with Simon & Schuster, one of the largest publishing houses in the country, that will create a new imprint called Jeter Publishing. The imprint is expected to release picture books, middle-grade fiction, as well as adult nonfiction.

While the cynics among us may explain this new partnership as a savvy strategy—beleaguered-industry titan attaches itself to one of the most popular athletes (and therefore largest media forums) in the nation—Jeter explains that this development “sets the blueprint for [his] postcareer,” and gives him the opportunity to “discover new books,” “share insights,” and “instruct the kids on the best way to cover third during a rotation play.” Okay, so we made that last one up.


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