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AC/DC’s Phil Rudd sentenced to house arrest for death threats, drug possession

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Phil Rudd has been sentenced to eight months of home confinement for drug possession and threatening to kill a former employee, according to Billboard.

Last November, we reported that AC/DC’s Phil Rudd was charged with “attempting to procure a murder.” He was also charged with possession of marijuana and methamphetamines. Shortly after, authorities dropped the attempted murder charge, but kept a charge of threatening to do so amid reports of Rudd’s strange courtroom demeanor. Rudd later plead guilty to the charges filed against him, which included repeatedly calling his intended victim and saying, “I’m going to come over and kill you.”


Now a New Zealand judge has sentenced Rudd to eight months of hard labor, by which we mean the Sisyphean task of lounging around a guarded, fortified beachfront compound and resisting the temptation to have a personal assistant procure drugs, to say nothing of withstanding the urge to twist up a meth-laced blunt and phone out death threats.

Meanwhile, AC/DC has already moved ahead without Rudd, having issued Rock Or Bust, and is touring with Chris Slade on the drums.


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